Perfect Ideas For Your BBQ Leftovers!

We all remember our mothers and grandmothers told us to never waste food. In fact, my grandma still gets mad if I don't clear the plate she prepared for me. We have to appreciate the food we have. We always prefer a fresh meal over leftovers any day, but here are some ways to revive those leftovers from your barbecue:

Left over corn on the cob: 

Corn and Cauliflower Sauteed in Bourbon Butter  

This dish turns your corny corn on the cob to a mouthwatering side dish. Click here for the full recipe!

Leftover Hot Dogs:

Chili Dog Mac and Cheese

Nobody ever eats all the hot dogs at the party. Or maybe you just ran out of buns... I got you covered. This dish turns your uneaten hot dogs into a filling dish. This dish alone might even have leftovers. It was love at first sight when I came across this dish. Click here for the full recipe!

Leftover Burgers:

Sloppy Joes

Don't ever throw those burgers away. The sky is the limit with burger meat. My favorite would be Sloppy Joes. It's almost like a burger, but the platinum version. It's like the burger took a shot of vibranium... I'm now going to rename this into the Black Panther Burger. Somebody tell DC Comics to cut the check! Full recipe here

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