Action Bronson Talks Shaving His Beard, TV Show, + Beer Tastes With Angie


A beardless Action Bronson pulled up to The Angie Martinez Show today to talk about why he had to shave his beard, the season premiere of "F*** That's Delicious" on Viceland, & The New album and book he has in the works. 

Sitting down with Angie, of course, she had to ask what happened to the beard and Bronson replied by saying he went to his mother's house earlier this morning and she didn't recognize him. Telling the tragic story of how the beard he had for 8-10 years was shaved off he said “I’m gonna be honest, it was 6am I had just woken up, I had smoked, I looked in the mirror and said lets trim this, put the wrong edge on and f***** it up and had to trim it off, I’m disgraced”. Now while as of right now this is a true tragedy he said that the beard will grow back very quickly so we won't be without a bearded Action Bronson for long. 

Action Bronson was also so kind enough to bring Angie some of his own beer "Action Bronson's 7000", for Angie to try. Talking about the beer he made it clear that he himself is not a beer drinker and hates beers such as Corona, Heineken etc. Speaking about his beer he said “I don’t put my name on bull****, but this is good”. The beer itself also won't give the drinker a hangover according to Bronson. 

His hit show on Viceland "F*** That's Delicious" is coming back July 10th for a new 10 episode season. Although he loves to eat and enjoys working on the show he wants to drop 70 pounds and get in shape. Angie then had to ask what is up with the new tattoo he got on The Back of his head and his reply was “I feel like I’m an art exhibit and I feel like I am a walking art piece.  It’s a sacred temple of doom, of geometry all sorts of math equations”

After getting out of his record label contract with Atlantic Records Bronson finally has some new music on the way with his next project titled "White Bronco" being teased to drop sometime in the next couple of months. He also has another book set to drop next year titled “Stoned Beyond Belief”.

At the end of the Interview, Angie challenged Action Bronson to a Beer taste test and its safe to assume he knew his stuff. 

You Can check out Angie Martinez' Full Interview With Action Bronson Above

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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