Maino and Angie talks #JusticeForJunior Tribute Song + Takes Callers


After releasing his song "Could've Been My Son" Ft. Lyrivelli this morning Maino pulled up to the Angie Martinez show to talk about the song he made dedicated to Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz after his tragic murder in the Bronx last week. Angie had invited Maino up to the show today after he reached out to her via her DM's. 

Talking about the murder Maino spoke about we as a society have become decentralized and that it's important that we actively do something in a similar situation, saying “I didn’t realize everybody felt that way, and you know like we did desensitize with social media were used to it”. After staying up all night to make the record Maino also got a call from Swizz Beatz. They spoke for an hour about the record and Juniors murder and it was at this moment he realized that everyone is affected by the tragedy saying “I’ve never met him or his family, but we all got loves ones and that kind of resonates with us”, both of them are fathers as well. 

Maino spoke about the record which he was recording all night, “I was literally still making this song at 5am and we just threw it out” he continued on to speak about how brave and amazing the mother has been and how she has been handling herself throughout the past week and with the media surrounding her. 

Angie and Maino also touched upon the two nurses who walked by the bodega in the video and how they walked right past the incident, “The average person doesn’t really know how they gonna act, I think it was fear and shock, I think what really drove me over the edge was when they kicked him out of the store the first time, then he came back and they did it again”. 

Opening up the phone lines Maino and Angie took callers from The Bronx to speak their mind and get out their frustrations with the incident. 

If you would like to donate to The Gofundme for Junior's family click here

Check out Maino's Tribute Song to Junior "Could've Been My Son" below...

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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