Album's We're Waiting For & Hoping For!

We're halfway through the year and already we have our speakers thumpin' with the music that has been released so far. Kanye West shook the charts with "ye" this month, Cardi B put on for all the women with "Invasion of Privacy" in April, and J-Cole had 4/20 lit with "KOD" in April also. There's much more in store for Hip-Hop as artists like Nas, Drake, and Jay Roc have music ready to fire off very soon. 

Tomorrow, June 15th, there are two legends dropping an album. First runner-up is TDE's own Jay Rock with "Redemption." There are 13 tracks coming including "Win" and "Kings Dead" featured on the album. Jay Roc has a unique style that I feel is immortal in the rap industry. His last album "90059" was a classic which he shared what life was like in his perspective. Unlimited bars and free game filled each track, therefore we know this new album is going to be epic. 

Also tomorrow, Nasir Jones is dropping a looooong awaited album. There's no say of an album title, but Kanye West has his hands all over it. West released a picture of the track list. Similar to Ye's album, Nas' is also seven tracks long. Here's Ye's tweet of the tracklist: 


Last, but certainly not least we have the "Scorpion" on June 29th. Drake, the 6 God, Drizzy, whatever you want to call him has been arguably the most consistent artist of today's music. hit after hit, Drake has proven that the game is his for the time being. Now, I commend Drake. Why? Because after his feud with Pusha-T, the man has kept tunnel vision when it came to this album. Now don't get me wrong... I do consider his move of not responding to Pusha-T as a big loss, but we all know that Drake is someone we know that will put out bangers every summer. 

Ok... Now we have a lot of music coming out, but there is clearly some artist holding out on us. One artist being Philly's own, Meek Mill. As a Meek Mill fan, I feel like going to the streets of Philly holding up a "Where's Meek" sign. I put away my "Free Meek" sign after he was released some weeks back. Fresh out, we were all expected some heat to drop to celebrate. He jumped on a remix with Tee Grizzly on "First Day Out," but Meek... we need a project! 

Travis Scott isn't off the hook either. His last album was in 2016! He gave us a collab album with Quavo which was fire last year, that held us off for a while. Of course, he has his features too that are always great. Nevertheless, it's time for another album. Travis... the ball is in your court!

There are many others that were waiting for. Leave it up to me to call them out. Who am I missing? Let me know on Instagram @MannieOnTheScene

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