Is Rap Beef Good For Hip-Hop?

Through the past years in Hip-Hop, we have had some pretty entertaining rap beefs. Many have stepped in the ring and went toe-to-toe with each other to see who had the better bars. There is never a true winner, it's always up for debate. Nevertheless, we get to see the aggressive side of some rappers while the fight for the top spot has commenced.

It seems like everything and anything is fair game when it comes to the lyrics in a rap battle. We've heard some pretty harsh bars featured in some songs. 

You love her, then you gotta give the world to her/Is that a world tour or your girl's tour? Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers/You gettin' bodied by a singin' n***a/I'm not the type of n***a that'll type to n****s/And shout out to all my boss b****s wife'n n***s" - Drake in "Back To Back"   

It could be your girlfriend, mom dukes, pops, sister, or anybody. If you're in a rap beef, everyone you associate with is a target. Rap beef's aren't for the sensitive or easily offended. 

Is Rap Beef's GOOD for Hip-Hop???

MY answer: Ab-so-lute-ley... a good battle brings the passion and the fire back into these rappers. Rappers can sometimes get too comfortable in their fame and fortune where they think they can put out whatever mediocre material they want. Hip-Hop is about BARS damnit! I like to compare rap to basketball or any sport. You have that killer crossover down packed, and that jumper is almost automatic. But when a certain defender gets in front of you, you get a reminder of why you even picked up a ball/mic in the first place. That crossover or jumper ain't gonna work on everyone. Eventually, someone is going to reach in for that steal. 

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Here are some of my favorite diss-tracks: Talk To Me! IG: @MannieOnTheScene

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