Cardi's BFF Reports To Prison - Cardi Clears Rumors

If you are caught up on the latest Cardi B news then you'd know one of her closest friends, Star Brim, was allegedly arrested over two years ago and has been out on bail ever since. On Monday however, she had to turn herself into the federal authorities to serve her sentence. 

Cardi took to Instagram today to clear up rumors, give us some facts on her friend's legal case and at the same time showed the world just how ride or die she is about her friends. She posted a photo of Star on Instagram followed by a lengthy caption detailing her feelings about the situation. 


"For two and a half years Star been out on bail .She got caught by the Feds and lost a lot of sh*t. Never asked nobody for sh*t , got a 9-5 trying to figure things out. She started bartending something that was so new to her and it was alil  difficult at first since NYC strip clubs give hard times to Brown Skin bartenders and barely hire them !Yeup i said it 😤but you know what ?she ain’t stop and became great !She was able to save thousand of dollars ,pay for good lawyers...made well over enough for her bid and for when she come home and got a great business plan for when she touches down back in town . Ater she finish her bid no more probation, can travel everywhere and she can live a normal love life!"

The news broke that she will have to serve time after rival Azealia Banks Tweeted: 

Azealia: "lol Cardi B's friend Star Brim tired threatening and harrassing me via Instagram a while back and now she's in federal prison for wire fraud."

Reports claim Star may be facing up to five years behind bars. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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