Kyle On Lil Yachty Narrating His Album, Idolizing Kid Cudi + New York Slang


Kyle earned himself his first Platinum hit last year when he teamed up with none other than Lil Yachty for "iSpy", since the song has been released it has gone 4x Platinum! Stopping by the Angie Martinez show the California dishes on what the success of the song felt like, why he took so long to drop his first major label album + he took a shock at copying New York slang for Angie. 

There was a point in which Kyle moved out to New York for 3 months and for him it became a culture shock coming from California and not really knowing how people here move. While living here for that month she said he would start being heckled by random people and when talking to said people before he would know it their conversation would have been going for a while as they sucked him in. He also took his shot as trying to mimic New York slang at the end of the interview. The reason he was in the city was because he was shooting a movie for Netflix called "The After Party", in which Angie also has a cameo. Saying the film was "epic" and "hella fun", he thinks is set to come out around September. Describing the film as a "Hip-Hop Superbad" and a coming of age story. The film stars his character and his friend trying to get a record deal in one night or he will be forced to go in the Military by his father.  


This past Friday (May 20th) was Kyle's Birthday as well as the release date for his first major label album "Light of Mine", which has features from Khalid, Alessia Cara, 2 Chainz + more! While he has been teasing the release of the album for a while he said that after the success of "iSpy" there was a lot of pressure for him to make another hit but once he realized that he needed to not focus on making hits and just focus on making good music the process for the album came naturally stating "I had to make an album about something and not just a bunch of hits". Lil Yachty also narrated the debut project similarly to what he did on "ISpy", on why he chose Yachty, Kyle just said there was something about his voice that sounded cool and it worked out for the project.  

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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