Teyana Isn't Here For Azealia Banks Accusations

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As of late, Azealia Banks has been ceaselessly been coming at people crazy.

On Instagram (May 13th), Azealia showed us some behind the scenes of her Anna Wintour video. 

However, when a user came at Azealia stating that: 

Okay azealia feel that @teyanataylor fantasy i see you queen" that made Azealia clap back alleging that Teyana doesn't make up her own 

Azealia took offense to it and responded saying:

"lol you mean the choreography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit for until a lawyer got involved..."

After making that statement Teyana Taylor clapped back on Instagram with a snapchat filtered video. The caption under the video conveyed:

@azealiabanks So I was too busy enjoying my Mother’s Day yesterday! But today is a new day! Junie is taking a nap so mama got ah lil bit of time TAHDAY!!!! 🙃 WASSUP!!!! @bornready_matt give ya friend some clarity with all her inaccurate information, so she can stop spewing out all of this false information," she captioned her video. 

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Check the comment that set things off and Teyana Taylor's response video below.

#TeyanaTaylor has time for #AzeliaBanks today!

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