An Excerpt From Issa Rae's Book Lands Her In Hot Water &Twitter Reacts

Issa Rae’s book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl has earned it spot on the best-seller lists. However Issa finds herself in hot waters, when readers discovered a passage that didn’t sit right with them.

A fan tweeted an excerpt from the book and zoomed in on a part where Issa discussed how Asian men are “overburdened” with racial stereotypes which seemingly causes Asian women to date outside of their race more often. 

The actress suggested that since black men seem to date outside of their race more often, due to the many stereotypes being projected onto black women, that black women and Asian men should join forces. She states in the book,

“This is why I propose that Black women and Asian men join forces in love, mariage, and procreation. Educated Black women what better intellectual match for you than an Asian man?”

This passage had mixed reviews on Twitter, even though most Issa fans know that she was definitely being funny. Hopefully this will blow over, and we can all get ready for Insecure Season 3.

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