Chance The Rapper Apologizes For Getting Involved In Kanye & Trump's Rants

This has been a really mixy week for celebrity twitter with Kanye West opening up about his love and support for "45"-Donald Trump, which ended up taking the internet by storm.  Kanye instantly lost 9.2 million twitter followers in 10 minutes and support from most of the black community, who already believe he is in "the sunken place." 

He's received a lot of backlash and concern from many of his fans, as well as many celebrities such as John Legend and Janelle MonaeHowever, he has also received support from his wife Kim Kardashian and his Chicago brother Chance The Rapper.

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Chance has shown his support for Kanye in a tweet stating- "Talked to him two days ago. He’s in a great space and not affected by folk tryna question his mental or physical health. Same Ye from the Vmas, same Ye from the telethon." and later stating that "Black people don't have to be democrats."

Donnie took to twitter to thank Kanye & Chance for their support, which led Chance to save his name and make it very clear that he supports Kanye who he calls his "family", but does not support Donald Trump by any means. 

Chance posted a long message on Twitter this morning (Fri. Apr 27th), stating that he only spoke out in defense of Kanye because he loves him and couldn't bear sitting back and watch him being attacked. However, he does not stand behind Donald Trump's agenda and would "never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination." 

Check out the Twitter drama from beginning to end below. 


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