LISTEN: J. Cole Is Back With His New Album 'KOD'

J.Cole is finally back with his newest album 'KOD', which dropped today! 

It's been almost 2 years since J.Cole released the platinum selling 4 Your Eyez Only and almost 4 years since his highest selling-certified double platinum album Forest Hills Driveso the music world is going crazy over his newly released project. 

Amidst the release of his last album, Cole confirmed to the public that he got married and had a daughter, unbeknownst to the world. The rapper took time away from music to focus on his new family and kept his private life private, classic Cole. So now that he's back, you should be expecting a more evolved J.Cole.

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'KOD', stands for Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, and Kill Our Demonswhich was revealed in a previously released trailer (below). The album has an Intro and 11 tracks including an Outro, and another 'Intro' to what is assumed to be a follow-up project "The Fall Off."

The project is a mix of high tempo and mid tempo production and focuses on a multitude of powerful topics such as: 

-drug abuse in "FRIENDS" & "Once an Addict"

-Love in a digital world in "Photograph"

-The internal battles of staying faithful in "Kevin's Heart"

-The state of our hiphop/rap industry today in "1985"

and many more... 

This is bound to be a powerful piece, in usual J.Cole style. Get it everywhere today!

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