The Internet Compares Beyoncé To Michael Jackson

Ever since Beychella went down on Saturday night the entire internet has not stopped comparing Beyoncé to the late GREAT Michael Jackson. Twitter has been riddled with tweets since Queen Bey's epic performance claiming that Bey is the "Michael Jackson of our time" and that "Bey is the female version of Michael Jackson."  Bey's fans are adamant that she is just as iconic - some even believe she's better -  as the King of Pop, but Jackson's fans are pushing back against the claims. 

It feels like a full out fan war has taken over the internet after Coachella's first weekend, but there are some who are arguing that there's no reason to compare the two artists. As BET points out, that "eras, musical styles and even gender as viable reasons for why the debate is…well, undebatable."

While some may beg to differ and see the comparison as blatant disrespect, many did agree that Bey is up there with the King of Pop when it comes to being an overall amazing and iconic performer. Nobody can take that away from either performer. Both Michael Jackson and Beyonce have contributed to culture, the music industry, and more throughout their historic careers. 

Whether you have a strong opinion on this subject or you truly couldn't care less, the tweets are highly entertaining. Check out some of the best tweets from the Beyonce / Michael Jackson debate of 2018. 

Check out some of the top tweets reacting to the MJ and Bey comparisons:

So, what do you think? Are these two artists comparable or is one better than the other? Let us know if you're #TeamBey #TeamMJ or #TeamTheyreBothIcons. Or maybe you're #TeamIDC. Whatever side you're on, hopefully you at least enjoyed these entertaining tweets about Bey and Michael Jackson. 

Check out Marco Borges, Bey's Nutritionist, Interview with Angie Martinez: 

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