Judge Shuts Down Philly Prosecutors' Request To Drop Meek Mill Conviction

As you may know, Philly native, Meek Mill and his team have been working rigorously to get him out of the corrupt hands of an unjust law system. 

According to TMZ, Philly prosecutors were working diligently to have Meek Mill's drug conviction to get dropped, however, the judge refused to bend under these circumstances. 

TMZ stated the following:

If the conviction were tossed, that would mean Meek's probation violation would go out the window, too -- and he would be released from the Pennsylvania prison where he's serving 2-4 years. However, Judge Brinkley did not sign off, and, instead, scheduled a hearing on the matter for June. That means Meek would sit in prison until then ... at least.

Sadly enough, the case is still ongoing but we'll keep our faiths high on a possible early release for the young rapper.


Photo Source: Getty Images

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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