Fans Aren't Here For Taylor Swift's Earth, Wind & Fire Cover

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I'm sure you guys are well acquainted with the 70's bop 'September' sung by the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire

Well country singer, Taylor Swift took interest in the iconic bop and decided to cover it and added her own personal, country-twang to it. Fans on social media listened to the cover and had their fair share of opinions. The reactions of the cover were both positive and negative.

According to TMZ, Earth, Wind & Fire's lead singer, Phillip Bailey, was actually fond of the cover and stated that he actually enjoyed it. 

Bailey stated the following:

"Music is free like that."

And expressed to Taylor Swift:

"Ain't Got Nothing But Love for Ya #freedominmusic."

Below are a few tweets made by fans:


Taylor Swift's Cover of 'September' 


ORIGINAL: Earth, Wind & Fire - 'September' Single

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