Will and Jaden Smith's 'Just Water' Company Will Be Donating Water To Flint

Amidst all the disasters in our world right now, it's refreshing to know that we have people out there that still care.

With Flint, Michigan still suffering from their water crisis which began in 2014...although making huge progress since then, they are still in a crisis and have not been forgotten about.  

Just Water, is an eco-friendly water company founded by Will and Jaden Smith in 2015, it's packaged  from almost all renewable resources, including sugar cane "plastic." The water itself comes from an ethically-sourced model contributing to the economy in Glens Falls, New York, says Just Water CEO Ira Laufer. 

The water company has donated 9,200 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan and says it will continue to give monthly to the city until lead levels in the public schools' water is below the federal threshold.

"This just makes sense for us to do," Laufer said. "Jada Smith has visited Flint and met with the mayor. Flint is very dear to her heart ... After reading more about [Flint's] challenges and the mayor objecting to pulling bottled water from the schools, we thought 'Let's help these kids.'" 

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Currently, the city operates five state-funded bottled water and faucet filter distribution sites across the city, and the school district is scheduled to receive donated bottles from The Water Coalition until June 2018.

Also recently, Flint's Mayor Karen Weaver said that she wants state-funded bottled water for residents to continue until all lead and lead-tainted pipes in the city have been replaced - a project slated for completion in 2020.

We're loving seeing all these celebrities giving back. Keep it coming!

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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