Taye Diggs Responds To Backlash For Blaming Black Women For Dating Issues

Actor Taye Diggs recently did an interview with Van Nathan for “The Red Pill” where he stated that he feels some type of way and has some resentment that runs deep for black women, because of the backlash he received for being in an interracial marriage with singer Idina Menzell.

He tells a story bout how when he was a teen and told his mother he was going to marry a black woman, but then she told him that he'd marry a white woman instead. 

Surprisingly , Diggs says the resentment he felt from black women who felt some type of way about him dating white women has made him less attracted to them altogether.

Because of his statement, Diggs was labeled as "that black man who only dates white women."

You already know Black Twitter wasn't having it, below are some of tweets regarding Diggs statement.

@Taye Diggs said hate from black women drove him away from dating white women. I’m crying. Don’t ever let a celeb tell you they don’t pay attention to their haters.

Another wrote:

@TayeDiggs why do u & men like u always need to justify where u are in life by blaming black women? #TayeDiggs

The actor says that being judged comes with the business he's in and that he decided not to be offended by other people's assumptions.

However Diggs is now saying that he is attracted to sisters and has now opted out of dating outside of his race. In fact, he's currently dating a woman who is mixed with black and white. 

To listen to the full podcast click here

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