Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Open Up About Their Divorce on "The View"

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert Open Up About Their Divorce

There's been a lot of talk surrounding Tamar Braxton and her soon to be ex-husband Vincent Herbert, with questions on whether or not they are actually getting a divorce or if it's just another publicity stunt for ratings. 

While on Friday's (Feb. 23rd) episode of The View Tamar and Vincent finally open up and shut down all the rumors. After being asked about these rumors and the truth behind them, Tamar shuts it all down... "I wish mine wasn't real, I wish I could say that a lot of the times it's made up, just so I could hide behind the truth sometimes," Tamar shared with the co-hosts. "But in this situation I absolutely have no reason to lie about my marriage and the things that's happening in my marriage for ratings. I think that's disgusting and I would never sell my soul to the devil like that."

She continues, "I have a regular marriage and regular marriages like everybody else, things happen and in my marriage you know it was just to a point where I felt like divorce was the only option that I had left. Although we're in extensive counseling and that is much needed and it still will always be, but I think the bigger picture of everything is that we have a responsibility to my amazing 4-year-old son and just to raise him in the most comfortable, amazing, loving, secure household that we can. That's why we don't live together."

Tamar wasn't the only one to speak out, Vincent once again confirmed that the rumors around him getting another woman pregnant are all false. He also said that he believes they still have a chance... “I love this lady with all my heart,” he explained. “I love my family with all my heart. I will never stop fighting for my family, and trying to make it be great.” See the interview from The View below.

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Herbert is not the only one who sees the possibility of reconciliation in the future, Tamar's sister, Toni Braxton, teases a promising future for the couple in her interview with Angie Martinez (check it out below). When asked about her sister's divorce, she says "I think Tamar and Vince are going through their 'I hate you Jody phase' and I think those two are gonna get back together, they love each other."


Well, there you have it. Tamar and Vince are actually calling it quits. 

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