Meek Mill Files Appeal Petition For Cop's False Testimony

Meek Mill's legal team are making greater strides into the rapper's future release from prison. 

If you're unfamiliar with the case, Meek Mill was arrested back in 2007 due to gun possession and drug dealing and was later sentenced to approximately 15+ months in jail.  Since then, Meek Mill has been a victim of a flawed legal system and a judge who has been accused of unethical behavior.

As of Wednesday, February 14th new documents were filed revealing that officer, Reginald Graham, who happened to be apart of Meek's arrest back in 2007, has a history of making dirty arrests, being racial bias, and lying. 

Within the filed documentation Philly officer, Jerold Gibson, reveals that Officer Graham lied about what occurred during Meek's 2007 arrest. 

With this information at hand led to Meek's legal team filing a Post-Conviction Relief Act Petition to have rapper set free because of Officer Graham's false testimony surrounding the 2007 arrest. 

Along with the arrest, Meek's legal team wants his convictions vacated and his immediate release.  If charges happened to get stick, they are seeking retrial. 

Photo: Getty

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