BREAKING: Meek's Lawyer Fires Back With Proof Judge Favored Old Management


Meek Mill's attorney, Jordan W. Siev, showed up to The Angie Martinez Show on Tuesday with bombshell court documents to prove there was legal misconduct on the part of Judge Genece Brinkley and that she did favor his old management.

On Monday TMZ reported that it was Meek's Probation Officer was the one pushing so that he switch management and not the judge, so Angie wanted to make sure she got the truth of the matter.

Mr. Siev walked Angie through transcripts of court proceedings that prove Judge Brinkley, the Assistant District Attorney and Meek's Probation Officer all favored his old manager, Charlie Mack.  The docs also show that the judge continuously stressed how Meek's case/scheduling ran smoothly prior to him firing Charlie and switching management to Jay-Z's Roc Nation management.

Mr. Siev also says that since Judge Brinkley has also assumed a role that goes beyond judicial duties/inappropriate and has "injected herself into his career," so she can longer preside over this matter.  He stresses that a Judge is supposed to be impartial and not be emotional like in the case of Meek where she has told him that she felt personally let down by his actions.

As to when Meek could possibly be out and the case probably solved, Mr. Siev says that "there is an Appellate process which is pending" and Meek's legal team is currently "working hard to get him freed and the conviction overturned." 

Angie and Mr. Siev also discussed incidents during which Meek come into contact with authorities and eventually got himself violated and ended before Judge Brinkley once again and why  although both incidents did not "amount to nothing," Judge Brinkley still decided to send him back to prison.

As to how Meek is feeling while behind bars, his lawyer says he's holding up OK for his situation, he's still giving back to his community from behind bards and even knows that the Philadelphia Eagles celebrated to his music on the field.

Below we have attached the court docs which Mr. Siev and Angie reviewed during their interview:

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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