2X Grammy Nominated Rapsody: "I'm Happy Bars Still Matter"

Rapsody stopped by The Angie Martinez Show Days before possibly taking home TWO new Grammys including 'Best Hip-Hop' (going up against Kendrick & Jay-Z), female emcees that came before her and they should all be allowed to be different in their own way, and why people are comparing Cardi B to Nicki Minaj.

While in the studio with Angie, Rapsody also talked about:

  • Her two Grammy Nominations and how she found out that she was nominated. "I heard my text going off and I see '...congratulations, two time Grammy nomination'...I was surprised" she says.
  • How she plans on celebrating if she takes home the Grammy for Best Rap Album. "I feels good to be nominated for your craft and be able to represent for women" she says.
  • Thinking it's more about popularity and name recognition when it comes to the music industry. "I'm happy that bars still matter" she tells Angie about being able to succeed despite not maybe being as socially popping like others.
  • Why she thinks people love to pit female rappers against each other and won't allow for several female rappers to be hot at the same time.
  •  People are comparing Cardi B to Nicki Minaj yet "they're different people" and how it's not being done to Lil Uzi Vert and 21 Savage despite them being similar artists.
  • How she was discovered and signed back in 2010 by 9th Wonder. "He coached me, I probably recorded 100 songs before I put out my first mixtape.  9th saw something that I didn't even see" Rapsody says.
  • Meeting her idol Lauryn Hill and playing it super cool despite feeling super giddy about. Instead of fanning out, Rapsody says she asked for advice which Lauryn delivered via: "when you perform make sure you touch every element of your live show. Always seek knowledge."
  • Plus more.

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