Sen. Cory Booker: "Millennials Can Help Transform Our Awful Reality"


Senator Cory Booker called up Angie Martinez to discuss how millennials can make a change and help transform our awful reality if they get engaged and registered to vote and how New York and New Jersey can cause a major shift in the Senate.

The two also go into why he lashed out at the Homeland Security Secretary over her refusal to acknowledge she heard President Donald Trump's comments about Haiti and Africa, being for the legalization of marijuana and his recent trip to Puerto Rico.

While on the line Senator Booker discussed:

  • How we gotta get people specially millennial excited about voting in 2018 and how we will be able to transform the awful reality we're living and how just because Barack Obama is not a ticket, it is still important for people to get out vote.
  • How this new tax bill supported by President Trump was an amazing gift to only the 1% of the rich. "If we had a congress which was more reflective of the people in american this would not have happened" he says.
  • New York and New Jersey being capable to flipping the Senate if we all get out and vote when November comes around.
  • There being multiple levels of insults when our president speaks negatively about countries such as Haiti and Africa and how it's not about the curse words he uses.  "When the President is uttering bigotry they don't just disappear they fester" he says.
  • How hate groups in our country being fueled by Pres. Trump's behavior, words and failure to condemn home grown terrorist. 
  • Staffers that work in the Senate from Janitors to Senators have been stopping him in the hallways for standing up to the Secretary of Homeland Security for saying she had no recollection of Pres. Trump referring to Haiti and Africa as sh*thole countries."
  • Being all for the legalization of marijuana and putting forward a bill which includes details on how prohibition hurts mostly lower income communities and minorities + his desire to help expunge the criminal records of those convicted for marijuana possession.
  • The courage and heroism he saw in Puerto Rico during his trip to the island last week. "We should all feel a national shame that fellow americans have no water, electricity and suffering in ways that they should not.  
  • "They need more resources, it's one of the most painful things I was heartbreaking to fly over it" he says about what he saw. "It's one thing to know it in your head and one thing to feel it in our heart."

Click here to register to vote in New York.

Click here to register to vote in New Jersey.

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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