WATCH: Chris Brown Talks Kaepernick, Wanting J.Lo + New Double Album


Chris Brown dropped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his upcoming double album 'Heart Break on A Full Moon' which drops on Halloween, his recent documentary, 'Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life,'  + his upcoming pop-up show which will be live streamed.

While the interview was set to focus on his music and positivity, Chris and Angie still got to tackle some of the day's trending topics and nothing was more topical today than Justin Timberlake being announced as the Super Bowl LII half-time performer.

When asked wether or not he would do the half-time show at Super Bowl if asked to do so, Chris says he would 100% turn it down.  "I would say no, other people have to stand up...Colin Kapernick is my brother, I ride with him" he says.  "I've learned a lot from him, I understand what he's taking a knee for."

Breezy also goes IN about his love and admiration for Jennifer Lopez who he's willing to take down even if it happens when she's 70-years-old.  "She's just sooooo bad...I like you, I want you" he says directly to J.Lo while speaking into the mic. 

He also touches on Asahd Khaled's getting a $100K watch for his first birthday from dad DJ Khaled, changing his whole outlook on relationships and how he treats women now that he has his daughter, Royalty Brown, and where he stands with media at this moment since he's had a tumultuous relation with media outlets in the past. 

He also touched on: 

  • Where he stands with media at this moment since he's had a tumultuous relation with media outlets in the past. "I cared about their opinion because I wanted them to write good headlines" he says while assuring us that whatever media outlet put something out about him he totally does not care any longer.
  • Changing his whole outlook on love, relationships and how he treats women overall now that he has his daughter, Royalty Brown. He also goes on to say that It's easier for him to stay focused when he's not in a relationship. "My focus has just been grinding and being positive."
  • His daughter, Royalty Brown, being super articulate and inquisitive and how he has to watch he says around her because she picks up on everything and he does want to be the one to teach her .  "She knows that I'm a celebrity, so there's no disciplining, she doesn't want to upset.
  • Why he does not believe that he's one of the greatest artist of our generation since he does not want  "to be the pompous guy" and "doesn't need that accolade."
  • What he wants his legacy to be in the end he says "I'm 28 so I get a chance to be who I want to be...I met my expectations X10" and he says he's more so doing it to be able to support his daughter and inspire people to be whatever they think they're not capable of.
  • Still being close with Teyana Taylor but not flashing their friendship in public yet hanging out at home with their kids. 
  • Plans to head out on tour after the album drops and he gets through the holidays + more.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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