Meek Mill Reflects On "Wins & Losses", Nicki Relationship + Drake Beef

Meek Mill sat down with Angie Martinez Show to discuss his new album “Wins and Losses”  which you can cop here, here’s how it all went down:

  • Meek says he’s seen plenty of people turn for money and when you see people who got money it can be a little wicked.
  • He spoke on how he got left in Jail in 2008, because no one would put up his bail, and how some people just left him.
  • He talked about when he was growing up he had it hard so it helped him grow and get tough, says: “I’m a fighter, if you punch me in the face right now, I’ll come back”.
  • He reflected on his beef with Drake saying: “I just take it for what it was, I don’t take it as a win or a loss”. “I say I took a loss on how I took the whole situation, the way in introduced it, the way I came at him about it”.
  • Spoke on Jay-Z’s and Beyonce marriage and says it’s not always perfect and people shouldn’t make a circus out of it.
  • On his public relationship with Nicki Minaj: “it wasn’t really my thing”, “I’m not giving anyone a platform to play with my life”.
  • He also says he didn’t really know how to handle the public relationship with Nicki and that he doesn’t really have regrets about how anything went down.
  • He touched upon Nicki’s beef with Remy Ma saying “I fuck with Remy, I don’t have any problems with her, I was just in the middle of a bad situation”
  • He also spoke upon what went down between him and Beanie Sigel.