French Montana Talks Jay-Z Texting Him, Chinx, + Gives "The Jungle Rules"


With his new album "Jungle Rules" dropping last week French Montana dropped by The Angie Martinez Show and this is how it went down: 

  • French came through with custom Yeezy's and said he gets Yeezy's straight form Kanye even before they come out.
  • He Spoke on about his new album “Jungle Rules” and gave Angie some of the The Jungle Rules: 
    • "God above all"
    • "Eat or be eating"
    • "No man, woman, child, or animal is promised to walk on this earth without being tested"
    • "The wolf is as strong as the pack and the pack is as strong as the wolf"
    • "The lion does not rule with sheep by his side
  • Says Jay-Z hit him up saying “Famous” off the album was his favorite record.
  • Puff also texted  saying "Jungle Rules" is French’s best work.
  • He touched on how “Unforgettable” is the biggest hit in the world.
  • Spoke on how he had the Max B verse for a while as well as the Chinx verse for “Whiskey Eyes”
  • Talked about how he filmed the music video for “Whiskey eyes” and it just so happened to also be Chinx’s son Nugget's bday. 
  • Drake also just happened to be in the city and came through to say happy birthday and be in the video. 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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