French Montana and Drake Have a "Snipe Squad"

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French Montana stopped by the Power 105.1 studios to hang out with Angie Martinez and talk about his smash hit "Unforgettable." French flew 30 hours to Uganda to shoot the accompanying music video for his new track, as well as a documentary about the experience that he's currently shopping at HBO and BET. His time in Uganda was a truly special experience for the rapper and he hopes to send a message of love and unity through these new projects. In addition to spreading a positive message with his new song, he believes "Unforgettable" shows a different side of himself as an artist. 

While visiting the country Uganda, as well as spending time with children there, was a transformative experience for French, the rapper also had fun during his visit. He joked around about the dangerous mosquitos in Uganda that have the ability to make people sleep for months at a time and how he avoided them. French also talked about the group of Ugandan dancers who inspired the "Unforgettable" music video. The artist was so inspired by the country, he donated $100,000 to the Mama Hope Organization and helped  build a hospital with 50 rooms.


French also revealed that he's part of a "snipe squad" with fellow rappers Drake and A$AP Rocky, calling them the "top three snipers" in the music industry. French and his boys follow a set of rules, dubbed the ten snipe squad commandments, which include: "though shall not snipe a bros ting, though shall not pillow talk or talk business with a ting, any import for the United States, Europe, Canada, or any other region though shall practice a maximum three day export rule to avoid frustration." French read these rules verbatim from his phone. 

The "Unforgettable" singer also opened up about some of his previous tings. He spoke on his relationships with famous women, such as Khloe Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, and Sanaa Lathan. He even opened up about whether or not he would ever consider getting married again with Angie, though it seems like's pretty fond of sniping with his boys right now. 


Make sure you check out French's new smash hit "Unforgettable," and keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming documentary. 

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