2 Chainz Opens Up About Potential Political Career

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2 Chainz stopped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his upcoming album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Before getting into the music, 2 Chainz broke down his outfit for Angie. He was rocking all of his "essential," which include enough money to buy a car, three cell phones, a lighter (and some items that may have a "correlation" to a lighter), and a brush he's been obsessed with lately. 2 Chainz said that his top notch style game is nothing new. He was awarded best dressed in High School, as well as calling himself a "label whore." According to 2 Chainz, the only celebs that come to close to him now in the fashion game are Migos

The hip-hip star believes will be surprised by what he's putting out on Pretty Girls Like Rap Music. He's going in a different direction with his lyrics, content, and instrumentally on the upcoming project. This change of pace is a result of his way of thinking evolving since his last project debuted. He's looking forward to gaining new fans through this album, as well as gaining more fans and performing his new materials. 2 Chainz is planning on experimenting during his upcoming summer tour, saying he wants to have "pink trap houses" as part of his show. 


2 Chainz also opened up about the possibility of having a political career in the future. "I can do anything," he said of the possibility. "I can do anything. I can be the Mayor of Collipark." Ever since the 2016 presidential election, celebrities like Chance the Rapper, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and more have talked about getting into politics. While 2 Chainz is open to the opportunity, he is worried he'd end up like our current president. He's afraid he'd pull a Donald Trump and have no idea what to do once he's in office. 


Pretty Girls Like Trap Music drops on June 16th. We're excited check out 2 Chainz new vibe on this album. 

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