Lil Yachty Talks Being Grown and Sexy, Joe Budden and Teenage Emotions


Lil Yachty stopped by the Angie Martinez show to talk about his new album “Teenage Emotions." He also discussed:

He explains that he feels weird when older people are at his shows.

He reveals what makes him feel nervous.

What he expected from his career when he first started making music. 

How he handles other people's negativity. 

What he buys with the money he’s been making. “My mom likes a lot of things."

He gives us details about what it’s like to live with him.

He talks about his relationship with his mother and the other women in his life. “My mother is first."

He reveals what type of women catches his eye.

He discusses his inclusive album cover that includes many different type of people.

His argument with Joe Budden.

He expresses his frustration with people underestimating teenagers. “I never really understood how a 19-year old is supposed to act."

He explains why it’s important communicate with older people. “I’m the only one that does interviews."

Why he is not excited to get older. 

What he wants to do by the time he’s 25. “At 25 you have to be grown and sexy.”

The advice that Kendrick Lamar gave him. 

Why he doesn’t like going to club and where he actually likes going to.

The fact he did the entire interview having to "boo-boo"

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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