Chris Rock: "I Like Migos, Kevin Hart Is King In My House & Charlie Murphy Was No Joke"


Chris Rock dropped by The Angie Martinez Show today and the two talk about:

  • All the awards he has racked in during his impressive career which he keeps in the basement of his home.
  • Adding some New York dates to his tour and why he finally felt comfortable adding New York.  "You can't go to Atlanta half gotta hide out in one town and build up, I did it in Nashville."
  • Forcing people who attend his show to put their phones in a special pouch which locks your phone and won't let you use it unless you walk out to the door. "Let's have a good time, let's share this I feel free to say anything."
  • Being shocked that the Migos album is actually great, "I always thought 'Bad & Boujiee' was good but I didn't expect the album to be banger after banger."
  • Why he's open to always meeting new people and is totally opposed to the no new friends vibe.
  • Posting Mary J. Blige's new album on Instagram "Mary is going through it right now...I went through it too. She's definitely handling it like a G, it's nice to see the fight."
  • The reason why he kept quiet about his own divorce, "I have young kids and it's tacky."
  • Whether or not his kids think he is funny. "My kids think Kevin Hart is funny. Kevin Hart is king in my house. I love Kev, I'm glad it's a guy I love."
  • If he is supportive of other comedians "any Dave Chappelle shows I'm the first one have to be a fan."
  • His upcoming new show which he is doing for BET as producer which he got involved in because he saw a need for since there is no brown women doing late night talk shows. "I gotta much more time we got? There might be radio soon...we don't know where this is going."
  • Keeping busy so that he can keep his lifestyle going while paying alimony and child support.
  • The need for comedians like Chris and Dave to help us make sense of Donald Trump..."there's no making sense of this, I absolutely knew this could happen.  
  • How do we acknowledge that we loss? "We gotta play defense and get back in the game.  We can beat him, but we can beat him if we don't respect him. You have to respect your opponent on some level."
  • What is Trump doing right? "He's connecting to a part of the whole country, we gotta regroup. We gotta stay on him, put an eye on him and make a case. If you really want him to go, you gotta let him stack...he's going to mess up, but he's more likely to mess up if we fall back."
  • Charlie Murphy pulling out a gun during an audition "the whole room just jumped, your eyes pop out like a cartoon. It was great, he got the part and we didn't call security. It took a lot of balls to drive in LA with a gun."
  • On the passing of Charlie he says "it was really sad, so young so funny. This was a hard one."

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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