MTV's "Catfish" Will Bring You Face To Face With Your Social Media Enemy


MTV's "Catfish" is changing the game this season and bringing people face to face with social media trolls. 

According to a casting call notice posted on Facebook, MTV is looking for people who can respond in the affirmative to any of these questions about online rivalries:

  • “Do you have an online rival?”
  • “Do you find yourself getting mad at [your online rival] all the time?”
  • “Does [your online rival] drive you up the wall?”
  • “Do you [and your online rival] comment on almost all of each other’s posts?”
  • “Think it’s time to finally meet [your online rival] in person?”
  • “Are you a highly opinionated, polarizing character?”
  • “Have you been drawn into online debates over topics like Veganism, Feminism, LGBTQ rights, Body Shaming, Politics, Race, Religion, and other hot button social issues?”
  • “Is this a long time running feud? Would you like to meet your rival in person?”

Catfish: The TV Show is also interested in casting people who can respond in the affirmative to any of these questions about internet trolls:

  • “Do you have an online troll that’s making your life miserable?”
  • “[Is your online troll] going out of their way to comment on all your posts?”
  • “Have you ever wanted to find out who’s really behind the profile [of your online troll]?”

Who's auditioning? 👀

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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