WATCH: Deer Smashes Into Rapper!

Cary McCook, a Canadian rapper, had just stepped out of a friend’s pickup truck at a hotel when a deer came from out of nowhere and tackled him! 

He told the CBC:

“As you see I turn my back when I shut the door. When I start to make my way towards the entrance I hear three gallops to my left. I turned. Before I could process it was a deer and try to get out of the way ― because my left leg was going left, my right leg was going right, leaving me in the middle ― bam! I got hit by Bambi.”

He said that the hit "wasn't pleasant." 

Here's what to do if you ever come head to head with a deer: 

  • Wave a coat or other object in the direction of the deer or use it to 
  • Make yourself appear larger 
  • Shout at the animal make plenty of loud noises while you try to back away
  • Do not turn your back on the animal

Watch the video below: 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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