T.I. Clears Up The Rumors, Talks New Album, Ending Marriage & 'Family Hustle'


T.I. dropped by the Angie Martinez and the two shared some drinks plus chopped it about TIP:

  • Performing 'Keep Your Head Up' at the Tupac Shakur Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction which went down this past Friday in Brooklyn.
  • Calling President Donald Trump the "poster child for white supremacy" and the backlash he receives from being vocal.
  • Backing Snoop Dogg when Trump came for him via Twitter and Trump's supporters followed.
  • The times we are living in today and his hopes for our future. "I believe God's will be done.
  • His thoughts on marriage now that his relationship with wife Tiny Harris has unraveled.
  • Continuing to shoot his reality show with Tiny despite their split. "We're good, we're straight, we spend time together" he says. "I can be a better best friend than a husband...it's just the truth."
  • On why he no longer wants to be married, he says: "marriage is going to distract me and deter me from taking my family onward and upward...I dont' always have time to do the thoughtful things a husband does...it could be seen as selfish, but I have a hard time seeing something as selfish if it helps some many other people."
  • Clapping back at social media who tried talking about Tiny getting alimony, TIP says "the alimony pales in comparison to what I can produce if I'm focused."
  • Future plans for his family "I'm striving to take my family, it's name and our legacy as far and high as it can possibly go."
  • Putting an end to his reality show The Family Hustle now that it will have reached the 100 episode.
  • People wanting to put him in relationship with other random women, he says "I'm not in a relationship with nobody...that's women business, I am not engaging in that."
  • Whether or not he gets screenshots of people going back and forth on social media about his personal life. 
  • His thoughts on the American Criminal Justice system, the people being hired to work as Correctional Officers and The Stanford Prison experiment which was an attempt to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and prison guards.
  • Plans to go on tour all over the United States now that he's single or "purgatory" as he calls his relationship status these days.
  • The artists which will be joining him on his Hustle Gang tour which includes B.o.B and Trae tha Truth.
  • Plans to drop a new album which will be all trap:  "I'm going for trap music...a lot of people don't know that I created trap music, there was no such thing as trap music, that did not exist....trap music was like establishing a sound."
  • His new diet which consists of seafood and vegetables only after quitting steaks and hot wings, "I got an ab situation I'm working on."
  • Kevin Hart calling him out for putting on weight during the holidays and challenging TIP to get in shape in three months.  
  • A show which he will be producing with Kevin which is sorta like "The Office' but set in studio.

He also recited an open letter to all those who are out here minding his business:

To whom it may concern:

Let's think about me, how long you've known me and all things you heard and spoken about...all of the different headlines if these are the worst thing you have to report about me, please give me my certificate of approval...I've been in real deal situation, life altering...this is just so trivial. Is this the worst you have on me? Don't expect perfection from them...I feel like ya knit picking, it makes all the things a person does right seem trivial. What are you expecting?"

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media... Read more


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