Big Sean Launches Program For Inner City Youth

According to Billboard, Big Sean will be launching a program fir inner city kids through his Sean Anderson Foundation. Mogul Prep is an education and career development program that is aimed at making education fun for students by incorporating different professional aspects of the music industry. 

He will be partnering up with his mother, Myra Anderson. The two hope that by giving students a better real-life picture of how their school skills can be used, they’ll be more engaged in learning. “We’re using the music industry as a hook,” explained Myra Anderson to Billboard in an interview.

“Basically, what we did was introduce some jobs to these kids in different ways in the music industry and you can be involved,” Sean explained about how the program works. “It’s me on the stage, but there’s about 30 other people who are working for me to be on that stage. You have the lighting guy, the production manager, the tour manager, the sound guys, the monitor guys — the kids need to know that.”

When asked what made him start the Mogul Prep program:

"It was a natural thing. My mom was a teacher, that was one of the many things that she's done in her life. She kind of has a natural instinct for teaching and helping, and stuff like that. She helped me with my Sean Anderson Foundation. Mogul Prep was an idea that we started from the end of 2015, right when I did a homecoming show in Detroit. It was a monumental point in my career. I brought out Eminem. It was a crazy night, but right after that, we did the first Mogul Prep. It was the first Mogul Prep event we did with that foundation, and we had people who worked on my team who helped a lot with the show from my production manager to the sound guys to my publisher, publicist, and creative directors -- all these different people who had something to do with me, got a chance to meet up with all these high school kids."

Big Sean will head out on a five-city tour starting April 1 to promote the Mogul Prep initiative and encourage kids to take an interest in professions within the entertainment field.

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