Cardi B Talks Snatching Up Offset, Deal With Atlantic, #ShEther

After news broke that Cardi B scored a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records, she dropped by The Angie Martinez Show.

During her visit Cardi opened up about:

  • How she ended up collaborating with Offset from Migos for the remix of her ‘Lick’ track. She says it all happened simply because “he really liked my mixtape."
  • Hitting up the Allstar game with Offset about which she says “we was kicking it, having a good time.”
  • While speaking about Offset she says: “He’s a good person, he makes me feel very motivated about my career. When somebody who is in his caliber tells you, you're a superstar you have a hit on your hands' you say you're right."
  • Being a Migos fans and making plenty of money dancing in the strip clubs to their tracks.
  • While she keeps pretty much quiet about scoring a multi-MILLION dollar deal with Atlantic Records, she does not deny the fact that she secured them bags + goes on to explain why she decided to not stay independent.
  • Her decision to leave reality TV and what prompted her to quit LHHNY. “I want to focus on my music…I have so much great things in my life and the drama overshadows it.”
  • The reason why she never became an artist before “LHNY” and losing hope when watching other strippers failing at trying to be an artist.
  • Transitioning to being a rapper after her manager told her that she should try writing a track since she loved remixing songs while they drove around.
  • How she scored a role on 'Being Mary Jane' and whether or not she has plans to continue acting. "I'm just gonna keep the information right down there
  • Opening up for Remy Ma and Lil Kim in Boston over the weekend and feeling like “it’s happening” for her.
  • How Lil Kim has supported her through her career and sees potential in her. “As much as people want to belittle me..they can’t deny good music.”
  • Whether or not Cardi thinks Nicki Minaj should reply to Remy Ma + how she would react to a diss track.  “I would be very upset that women that I look up to would come for me.”
  • Being a “angry” person because the fame hit her so unexpectedly and internet bullying making her feel anger at times.  
  • The constant talk about her physical appearance or the way she talks/acts. “If I act a different way that won’t make me happy…sometimes it makes you questioning it. Am I really stupid am I really ignorant.”
  • The decision to get all new teeth only after becoming Instagram famous and people constantly coming for her. “I can still do all the things I can do before….we’re great."
  • Her longterm plans include to be an artist, a fashion icon, an actress + a mom.