This Has To Stop: Soccer Player Leaves Field In Tears

This has got to stop...

Brazilian native Everton Luiz, a professional soccer player who recently joined Partizan's Serbian soccer team was racially insulted and antagonized by Serbian fans who chanted monkey noises due to his darker skin tone. 

Luiz was subjected to verbal assault while fans held up offensive signs and made crude remarks while he played. As a result, Luiz left the field in tears. 

 “I couldn’t hold back the tears because I was racially insulted from the stands for 90 minutes,” said Luiz, 28.

Although, the banner was removed, the crowd detained, and the Rad stadium suspended,  Everton will never forget the blatant disrespect and mistreatment he received due to the color of his skin. 

Racial issues overseas is common, especially in European countries but hopefully such atrocities become corrected....and fast. 

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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