Rick Ross Reveals He Scored Nas Collabo For New Album + Talks False Prophets And His Respect For Lil Yachty

Rick Ross, who will be releasing his 9th studio album Rather You Than Me swung by the AT&T studios to talk about his upcoming project, scoring the ultimate collabo and his thoughts on new artists such as Lil Yachty.

He also touched on:

  • Ross talks about his recent masquerade birthday party.
  • Discusses Angie's My Voice book and how he wants to be apart of her next book.
  • His finished track list for his album and putting the finishing touches to his masterpiece
  • Nas is one of the biggest rappers that he is honored to be acknowledged by in life. 
  • We can expect to hear Nas on his new album since he managed to score a collabo.
  • The South not having that music movement that the East and West coasts had early in the day.

  • Who Ross thinks are the best lyrical rappers from the South which include Scarface, Andre 3000, Yo Gotti, J. Cole.

  • Talks about partying “hard” while celebrating with the Patriots for that Super Bowl 
  • Gives Yo Gotti credit for doing in his thing in the south 
  • Says that Andre 3000 and Scarface are without question held to a high standard as some of the greatest rappers from the south. 
  • Wether or not he feels like an OG in the game since he’s been in the game for some time now. ”I still have been homies that’s active, but we have a lot of young artists” he says.
  • Talks about how he respect Lil Yachty for making his music career happen, and how he supports all of the new artist out 
  • Talks about releasing the release date for his album within the next two weeks 
  • Elaborates on his line 'assassinate Trump like Zimmerman' and discuss his backlash 
  • Say's he was not surprised that Donald Trump won presidency
  • Ross’ belief that Angie needs to "do it for the culture” and interview Trump, but would totally refuse an invite to visit the White House. “There ain't going for me there.
  • "Anybody who voted for Trump, you got what you asked for and I hope you get what you deserve" 
  • Meek and Wale being back right and partying together at Ross’ birthday part. “Meek’s approval always meant a lot to him.”

  • J Cole mentioning Wale in the second verse of ‘False Prophets’ which inspired Wale to responds. “That’s what music is about, what Cole brought to table is important.

  • Plans to be at The Bronner Brothers show with his new hair care line and what he plans to give the people. 

  • Shoutouts J Cole for motivating Wale to get in the studio and cook up some fire. 
  • Ross says that J Cole never said that song was about Wale and talks about how the verse fits a bunch of artist in the game.
  • Rick Ross promotes his Rich Hair Care product. 
  • Talks about his plans for the Brown brother show and how he will being their promoting his hair care. 
  • He will be creating his own personal line under the … coming to a CVS near you. 
  • Not making any women “false promises…I’m ripping and running…I get lonely” he says about traveling around the world and needing to do as he pleases.
  • Being a dependable and genuine friend all women he comes into contact with and all women he befriends wanting a relationship. 
  • Lira Galore saying her relationship with him was abusive in a way. “I never have nothing negative to say about a woman…I’m gonna still wish her the best.” Plus he sends a message to women of the world.

  • True love is being able to eat Popeyes and never running out of Wingstop. 
  • Encourages the lady to hit him up on twitter and ask for ladies to send a positive picture.
  • Thoughts that he could he could probably run for President and whether or not he would employ Angie in the White House.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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