Atlanta Inmates Have Been Breaking Out of Prison for Alcohol and Sneaking Back In

Usually when inmates escape prison, they have no intention of returning. However, inmates in Atlanta have been escaping a federal facility in Atlanta and returning with alcohol and other pieces of contraband. Court documents obtained by CNN show that the Atlanta Police Department have been investigating these inmates since 2013. 

The Atlanta Police Department approached a van that was parked near the prison. Men in ski-masks and jumpsuits ran back into the prison once they noticed the cops walking near the van. Atlanta PD discovered: 

  • Bottled Alcohol
  • Loaded Hand Guns
  • 24 Cellphones

Last week inmate Justin Stinson was caught breaking back into prison by the FBI. He was in possession of a phone, scissors, black and mild cigars, a carton of Newport cigarettes and food. 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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