WATCH: Drake Talks Donald Trump -- "F*** That Man"

Drake recently let off some steam about our current President and his executive orders during one of his concerts in Europe.

During the concert Drizzy stated: 

"For some reason in my room, they've got the TV set to CNN," he said. "Every day I wake up, I see all this bullshit going on in the world. People trying to tear us apart, people trying to make us turn against each other. So tonight, my proudest moment isn't selling tickets or having people sing my songs, my proudest moment -- if you take a look around in this room, you'll see people of all races and all places."

He continued:

"Show love, celebrate life, more life, and more music," he continued. "If you think one man can tear this world apart, you're out of your motherf*cking mind. It's on us to keep this sh*t together. F*ck that man."

Check out the video below:

Photo Cred: Getty Images

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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