If You Have Stickers On Your Car, Police Warn You Should Remove Them Now

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Some drivers choose to express their personality by giving their car a custom paint job or adding eye-catching rims, but others keep it simpler and just adhere a fun bumper sticker or window decal. The stickers might show a meaningful quote or a silly phrase, but whatever is on them, most people apply them without a second thought. However police are warning drivers that some stickers could be putting them, and their families, in significant danger.

According to the authorities, the worst culprit is actually a decal you probably notice daily, and you might even have it on your own vehicle. The unsafe sticker is the one that shows stick figure versions of all the members of the car owner's family. The decals now come in different varieties, including ones that portray an activity every family member is into, and some stickers even show each person's name. Occasionally, there might also be a separate bumper sticker revealing the school or schools younger family members attend, perhaps out of school pride or to boast that someone in the fam is on the honor roll there.

The issue with the stickers is that they give criminals loads of information that can be used in nefarious ways.

Photo: OhioSAR.org

Most parents instill "stranger danger" in their offspring, but kids might not realize someone is a stranger if they know their name or certain things about them. Sites where the stickers can be purchased often warn against putting names under the figures on the decal, but many people still ignore it.

For those reasons, police are urging car owners not to put up stickers that give away personal information. In addition, they suggest taking down any parking pass that might hang from the rearview mirror when the car isn't parked in the associated lot. They also warn against putting a child's name on their backpacks or clothing.

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