Fired Cop Charged After Groping OnlyFans Star In Mock Traffic Stop

Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department

A former Metro Nashville Police Department officer who was fired last month after appearing in a video in which he groped an OnlyFans model during a mock traffic stop has been criminally charged in relation to the incident.

Sean Herman, 33, was arrested and charged with two counts of official misconduct Thursday (June 13), the Metro Nashville Police Department announced via FOX 17 News. Herman was seen wearing his police uniform in the scene shared by a woman named Jordin, who is a local OnlyFans model, police had previously confirmed.

The video shows Jordin flash her breast and invite the officer to grope it in an effort to get out of a ticket. The officer gropes the woman's breast for several seconds before grabbing his own crotch.

The officer's face isn't shown in the video, however, part of his police patch on his arm was exposed briefly while reaching for Jordin's breast.

The Metro Nashville Police Department launched an investigation in to the incident and determined that the video was recorded in a warehouse parking lot while Herman was on patrol duty on April 26 and referred to the former officer's actions as "totally outrageous." Herman was employed by the department for three years prior to his termination.

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