Customer Outraged at Costly Breakfast Bill, Two Sandwiches + Coffee for $50

Croque Madame sandwich with bacon served for breakfast in a restaurant, side view

Photo: Moment RF

A diner visitor was unpleasantly shocked when their breakfast bill totaled $77 [$50.00 USD], even though they only ordered four items. 

The customer was at a beachside cafe in Darwin, where they ordered two bacon and egg rolls with avocado, along with two iced coffees with ice cream. The final bill included a $7 [$5.00 USD] surcharge for it being a Sunday.

The disappointed diner admitted the food was good but still regretted not checking the total before paying. When it comes to the public's reactions, social media users were stunned by the high prices. One user questioned the quality, while another criticized the individual costs of each item. Some expressed concern about the overall affordability of eating out, with one saying they avoid it altogether now. Overall, many felt the prices were exorbitant and said they would have left the cafe without ordering anything if they had seen the prices upfront.

Photo: Reddit User

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