NYC Seeks to Utilize European Style Trash to Combat Rats & Odor

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New York City is upgrading its trash game with a call for "European-style" containers, marking a shift towards enclosed street trash disposal. The city aims to tackle rat problems and unpleasant odors associated with open trash. These containers, slated for deployment in Manhattan Community District 9 by spring 2025, boast a capacity of about 28 large trash bags, making curbside pickups more efficient.

The city's sanitation department is seeking proposals, evaluating containers based on criteria like aesthetics, durability, ease of cleaning and cost. This initiative aligns with NYC's phased approach to ensuring all street-placed trash is enclosed. Last week, businesses were mandated to use containers, and this fall, residential buildings with up to nine units will adopt wheelie bins.

However, larger residential buildings face unique challenges, leading to the introduction of European-style containers. These containers, tested in a West Harlem pilot last year, have received mixed reviews. Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch highlighted that these containers will eventually replace the massive piles of trash from larger buildings, bringing NYC in line with global waste management practices.

According to the sanitation department, these planned containers will address a significant chunk—60%—of the city's residential trash. Buildings with 31 or more units will have exclusive containers for their residents, ensuring efficient waste management tailored to the city's density.

This move is not just about waste; it's a step towards a cleaner, more organized cityscape, and it speaks to NYC's commitment to modernizing its waste management practices. Stay tuned as the city takes strides towards a more sustainable and hygienic future!

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