Lindsay Lohan Confirms 'Freaky Friday' Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis

Premiere of "Freaky Friday"

Photo: WireImage

Lindsay Lohan has thrilled fans by confirming the long-awaited sequel to Freaky Friday, more than 20 years after the Disney remake. The actress told Andy Cohen that the Freaky Friday sequel is currently "in the process."

She expressed genuine excitement about collaborating once again with her original co-star Jamie Lee Curtis. While keeping details about the production timeline under wraps, Lohan hinted at the anticipation surrounding the sequel.

The close-knit relationship between the co-stars adds an extra layer of excitement, with Curtis previously expressing her desire to play the role of the grandma. The original 2003 film, where the duo magically switched bodies, was a massive hit, grossing $160 million worldwide.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of this beloved mother-daughter duo for more Freaky Friday fun!

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