Trader Joe’s Chicken Dumplings Recalled Due to Permanent Marker Plastic

This is an issue that can definitely cause permanent damage! Trader Joe’s recalls 61,000 pounds of frozen chicken soup dumplings due to potential plastic contamination thanks to a from a permanent marker (like a Sharpie).

The recall, announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, warns of possible "hard plastic from a permanent marker pen" in specific batches. The affected product is the six-ounce boxes with plastic trays containing six pieces of Trader Joe’s Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings, with lot codes 03.07.25.C1-1 or 03.07.25.C1-2, produced on Dec. 7, 2023.

“The problem was discovered after the firm received complaints from consumers reporting they found hard plastic in Trader Joe’s steamed chicken soup dumplings,” the USDA wrote. 

The manufacturer, CJ Foods Manufacturing Beaumont Corporation, based in Beaumont, California, distributed the products nationwide.

Fortunately, no illnesses or injuries related to the recall have been reported.

If you have a recalled box, it's advised to discard the item or return it to Trader Joe’s for a refund. Additional images of the recalled boxes can be found on the Trader Joe’s website, here.

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