J. Cole Gives Fans Status Update On Rumored Joint Album With Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar

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J. Cole has finally given fans an update on his long-awaited joint album with Kendrick Lamar.

On Thursday, November 2, Cole appeared on the 10th episode of Lil Yachty's A Safe Place podcast. At one point during their two-hour long conversation, Yachty brings up the rumor about a rumored collaborative project between the North Carolina native and the Compton spitta. Cole admits that the concept of the album was real and that there were plans to expand on it at the beginning of their respective careers. However, Cole explained why he and K. Dot shelved the project years ago.

"I think at that time him being so excited, because that's a look for him at that point," Cole explained. "I think he went to Twitter like 'Me and J. Cole got something crazy coming! and he put up a picture of us. From that moment, the fanbase he had at the time mixed with mine was like 'What you mean by that?' Then when he did an interview or whatever and they asked him about it, he was like 'Yeah we doing a project.' In that moment, we really did talk about it."

"Then, a couple months before his first album came out, he came to Fayetteville and we worked on the bus," Cole continued. "He came and we did a few more songs on the bus. So at one point it was a real thing, but bro, time and life. We ain't never get a chance to really go in and do it correctly because that would take time, bro, for us to do something like that's full our full potential, that meets our real potential to we're gonna need time, at least a year. When you got two successful artists with lives and families, it's hard to do."

Elsewhere in the podcast, Cole explained why he doesn't charge for features and also responds to the success of his and Drake's latest collaboration "First Person Shooter" from the Canadian rapper's For All The Dogs album. Watch the full episode below.

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