Tems on How Uganda Jail Changed Her, Cooking For Drake + How She Flirts

In a captivating appearance on The Angie Martinez Show, the talented singer-songwriter Tems graced the room with unparalleled wisdom.

Tems candidly recounted the harrowing two-day ordeal of her unjust detainment in Uganda and its lasting impact.

During the interview, she responded gracefully to false pregnancy rumors that stemmed from Paris Fashion Week and even blessed listeners with the Law of Grace, sharing her thoughts on excellence and achieving the “#1 spot.”

The interview took an exciting turn as she shared her experiences cooking with celebrities, notably highlighting her culinary encounters with none other than Drake.

She also discussed her collaboration with Rihanna on "Lift Me Up," emphasizing her role in the songwriting process. 

Tems even took a moment to clarify the incident at the Oscars, addressing the controversy surrounding her dress, which inadvertently obstructed the audience's view during the 2023 ceremony.

For the full conversation, watch the interview here.

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