Golf Is Actually Accessible: Eastside Golf + Angie Martinez Share Game Tips

Photo: Nala Peña

Eastside Golf made a memorable appearance on The Angie Martinez Show, leaving everyone in the room captivated by their beloved sport. For those who are unaware, lifestyle brand “Eastside Golf” is celebrated as the "poster children for golf" by Angie; they’ve championed the cause of introducing golf to younger generations and non-players. Since creation, they’ve forged a collaboration with Nike's Jordan and Travis Scott!

During the interview, iconic figures in hip-hop and culture, such as DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Quavo, Budden and Devin Booker, were revealed not only to be enthusiasts but also lowkey-naturals of the game. Although some people, like those in the room, had been playing since the age of six while others were relative newcomers, everyone could share their enjoyable experiences, all thanks to their introduction to golf.

Angie is one of those ‘new-comers,’ with about one year experience in the game. Despite initial hesitations and preconceptions, Angie ventured into golf thanks to a friend’s recommendation and has now fell in love with the sport. She even says it often feels meditative to her. On this note, PGA professional Earl A. Cooper, situated on the right, emphasizes, “you need to discover it for yourself." He underlines that for some, it serves as a stress reliever, while for others, it's a means of networking — what sparks interest is different for everyone. 

Professional golfer and founder Olajuwon Ajanaku, positioned on the left, shed light on the inspiration behind Eastside Golf's latest collection, 1961. Approximately six decades ago, the PGA removed their "Caucasian Only" clause, a discriminatory policy that prohibited people of color from playing golf. This drop celebrates the progress made since then, granting opportunities for Black, women, and diverse individuals to participate in golf in places like Georgia (which was deemed illegal before the late-1950s Supreme Court ruling).

The Eastside Golf partners also briefed Angie on their various projects, including: an app, their’s foundation's efforts to assist HBCUs in establishing golf programs, youth initiatives, community days (which allow people to play without financial constraints), a golf course in Atlanta, and more.

By the end of this interview, it was clear that the realms of culture and golf are becoming intertwined through music, activism, education, fashion, and more—a perspective that Angie co-signs.

Watch their full interview below.

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