Feeling Nostalgic? Kalonda Kay's 'Too Soon' Will Take You There"

Kalonda Kay, the rising recording artist from St. Louis, has released her latest single "Too Soon," produced and co-written by Joe "Capo" Kent. With its smooth, 90s-inspired sound, "Too Soon" is the perfect track to blast while skating or cleaning your home. It's mature yet fun, and the video has a nostalgic 90's feel that perfectly complements the song's vibe. 

The music video for "Too Soon" tells the story of a girl and a guy who meet at the skating rink. After exchanging numbers, they begin to date and are clearly into each other. While the chemistry between them is palpable, the girl is hesitant to take things to the next level, insisting that it's "Too Soon." The video is playful, flirtatious, and full of energy, just like the song. 

What sets "Too Soon" apart is its authenticity. The song was produced in Kalonda's hometown of St. Louis, at a popular skating rink with her friends and love interest. The video was shot by videographer Stephen Adams of officialkingamongstskingsmedia, who perfectly captured the energy and vibe of the '90s era that Kalonda wanted to evoke. 

The track is now available to stream on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube, and over 150 other online platforms through Tunecore. It's the perfect addition to any playlist, whether you're in the mood for a throwback vibe or just want to dance around your house. 

Kalonda Kay has already been making waves in the music industry, and "Too Soon" is sure to be a hit with fans and newcomers alike. With its catchy beat, relatable lyrics, and fun music video, "Too Soon" is a track you won't get out of your head. So put on your skates, turn up the volume, and get ready to vibe with Kalonda Kay's latest release. 

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Check out the video below.

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