Meek Mill Reacts To AI-Generated Song By His Late Father: 'WTF'

Meek Mill and his fans now know what a song from the rapper's late father would sound like thanks to AI.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, May 10, the Philly native took to Twitter to post a clip of an AI-generate song that used his dead dad's vocals. On the song, Meek's father, born Robert Parker, comes back from the dead to rap about his son and how he watches over him in the afterlife. Meek appeared to be stunned by the creation.

“Ai wrote a rap about my dad and this what he said WTF,” Meek tweeted.

The freestyle over Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre's "B*tch Please" was posted in a video that features an image of Parker aka "Big Robbie" who raps the lyrics thanks to the power of AI. In the chilling visuals, you can see Parker's head nod to the music and his lips move as he's rapping his verse.

“I died in a shootout, just trying to feed my fam/But death couldn’t stop me, I’m back in the lab,” Parker raps. “My son Meek Mill and he’s the light of my life/Gotta watch over him, I’m back from the afterlife.”

Since AI began to impact the music industry, artists like Meek (and most recently Timbaland) have been uplifting most of the AI songs that have been popping up on the Internet. A few weeks ago, he give his opinion on a recent artificial collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd.

“This my 5th time banging this and it’s flame,” Meek tweeted. “We need new music from y’all 2.”

While Meek may have been feeling it, other artists and record labels alike do not. In fact, Drake, Young Guru and Universal Music Group have all spoken out against the use of AI in the music industry.

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