Swizz Beatz Talks About Alicia Keys’ REAL Reaction to the 'Virgil Maybach'

Swizz Beatz joyfully spoke to Angie Martinez shortly after releasing his latest EP; “Hip Hop 50 Vol. 2” is the second of 10 EPs dropped by Mass Appeal. Thanks to nudges from his “virgo brother” Nas, these projects were created to celebrate the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop. 

Features on this project include Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Scar Lip and more. Beatz discussed his interests and relationships with all features; he says Scar Lip is a “diverse poet with different song flows,” which he highlight respects. 

He then dives into his studio-time, what’s his biggest challenge at the moment, the idea that friendships could weigh people down and the type of relationships he’s currently nourishing.

One of the most important relationships he discusses is with wife Alicia Keys, who will soon be celebrating their 13th year of marriage. Of course, we could imagine flashy trips and gifts… which is why he spoke on their tour dynamics and her reaction to the Virgil Maybach (a gift from their kids). 

Another relationship discussed was that between his family and Harry Belefante; he recalls their most recent hangout and the amazing life the artist lived. 

The New York legend and producer then speaks on education, something he’s come to appreciate as he continues to grow in his career and as a human. That’s when he realized he’s been making beats for HALF of Hip-Hop’s life, with his first  hit being “Stop, Drop.” 

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