Harlem's Sugarhill Ddot Releases 'Let Ha Go'

Harlem phenom Sugarhill Ddot makes his Priority Records debut with 'Let Ha Go.' Boasting boundless energy and rapid-fire lyrics, the melodic concoction showcases the young MC's unfiltered approach and undeniable suave charisma. 

"Let me tell y'all story 'bout this shawty," Ddot begins over finger clicks and drill beats. "She really a dime and she always running through my mind, like but I really had to let her go." The reason is simple: the breakout star is going places and he needs to keep his eyes on the prize (i.e. global domination). "Notice that I was really going far, got the Rollie on my left," he spits. "I ain't playing no games, better come with respect." 

"Let Ha Go" produced by MCVertt (known for Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock”) is accompanied by a striking video, which depicts the teenager's rise to stardom. Watch it HERE. The video doubles as an introduction to Ddot, who is seen embracing his lofty new life on a cloud. He is then celebrated by fans in Times Square, before taking a Lamborghini back to his Harlem neighborhood showing that he hasn’t forgotten his roots. The video concludes with an epic dance sequence in an old warehouse.

For nearly two years, Ddot has been honing his craft and garnering attention in New York's drill scene. Despite Ddot being in the spotlight for just a short time, breakout hits like “I Wanna Love You,” “Evil Twins” and its sequel, and “Stop Cappin” have confirmed him as an unmissable talent, with a positively infectious energy.

Now, on the precipice of national stardom, he’s aiming to bring a mass audience along with him as he discovers the sort of artist he wants to be in real-time.

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